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I got my book!

I decided to not wait until my daughter found my old copy of The Chronicles of Narnia in her collection of books, because she is moving right now and everything is packed up. So, I ordered The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe from Powells online. It came in a couple days ago. When I'm done reading Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, which is what I'm reading right now, I'm going to start reading the Narnia books.

Since we only have three people on the list at this time, it should be fairly easy to pick a date in the future when and where we can get together. I will be working at the SACS hotline on Thursday nights through the end of summer, so that night is out for me; but after school starts that will change. Ronny and I have some traveling planned for this summer. We'll be out of the state these dates:

August 14-24
Sept 1-5
Sept 7-17

Do you want to try to get together sometime in August?
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There've got to be more than 3 of us who like getting together to do crafts and talk books. Mind if I post elsewhere about this, like in my journal and on the SF Bay Beaders mailing list? Oh, and y'all should post about this on the SF Bay Poly Crafts list.

Emmett and I are still figuring out some of our August plans so I won't pitch in on the dates discussion yet, but I'm psyched to meet up.
Let's do this...

If you can think of some friends in particular that you'd like to invite, please do. therobbergirl and I decided up front that we'd like to keep the group local and small at the start, so we each invited a list of friends in our own friend's group. I would be ok with you doing the same. But let's not post it to an open forum -- not yet, anyway.

It is doubtful that the group would get out of hand, but I guess I'm afraid that it might. If all we have at our first meeting is us three, I'm ok with that. let's see if we can build this slowly. If that doesn't happen, then perhaps at a later time I'll feel better about opening it up to other avenues.

Ami? What do you think?

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