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a long way gone

I've actually read two books since finishing A Long Way Gone, and I haven't yet sat down to write down my thoughts about the book.

Upon finishing the book, I was amazed that it ever was written. How many times did Ishmael escape death? And even after escaping death, he found the strength inside to somehow face the demons of his past and write about it. I watched an interview of the author after finishing the book, and he said that the book was difficult to write, because the memories had to be dredged up and looked at. Memories that must still be so painful for him.

It wasn't an easy book to read, either. I haven't yet totally formulated all my thoughts about it. However, I got out of the book what I sort of expected to get out of it, and that was the reinforcement of my amazement with the resiliency of some human beings. Ishmael was always called "a troublesome boy", and it does not surprise me that the one who caused mischief and trouble as a boy, was the one who survived against all odds, gained a great deal of recovery and rehabilitation, and even went on to write a book about his ordeal. Is being a trouble maker a factor in resiliency? Perhaps is is. The creative mind that thinks of ways to make trouble, can also think of ways to get out of trouble when necessary.

Perhaps I shall write more later...
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